Vedic Mathematics is an ancient Indian system of Mathematics that originated from the Vedas, ancient Hindu scriptures. It is known for its unique and efficient techniques for performing mathematical calculations. Recently, a Vedic Maths demonstration was conducted on 12th June, 2023 from 7:45 a m to 8:15 a.m,by the resource person Mrs.Kittu Rawal, in S.D.Jain Modern School, Wing-2 premises, for the kids of Std 4th during our school Assembly to introduce students to this ancient mathematical system.

The primary objective of the Vedic Maths demonstration was tofamiliarize students with the principles and techniques of Vedic Mathematics and showcase its effectiveness in solving mathematical problems. The demonstration aimed to enhance students' mathematical skills, mental agility, and overall interest in mathematics.

The demonstration covered various calculation techniques, for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The instructors explained the principles behind these techniques and provided step-by-step demonstrations.

Students actively participated in solving mathematical problems using Vedic Maths techniques. The instructor presented a series of problems, gradually increasing in complexity, and guided the students through the application of Vedic Maths methods. This interactive approach fostered engagement and participation among the students and had a positive impact on the students. It sparked their curiosity and enthusiasm for Mathematics by showcasing alternative techniques for problem-solving. Hopefully the demonstration helped dispel the common misconception that Mathematics is a tedious and complex subject. Below are the captured pictures of the workshop.

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