Solo Western Dance Competition

Solo western dance competition was conducted on 13/10/2023 during the CCA period for classes IX and X. The participants presented a rainbow of beautiful performances with spectacular costumes, choreography, make up and breath taking grooves. The participants were judged on the basis of choreography, costume, make up and expression. Judges Mr. Sandeep Bhabhore and Mr. Jayesh Patil had a tough time choosing the winners. There was a variety of western dances like hip hop, disco, free style Bollywood, locking poping, waacking etc. . Saanvi Goenka of class IX – A of Subhash house grabbed the first position followed by Pearl Dawar of X – I from Subhash house on the second rank. Third rank was shared between Ishaan Choradiya of IX – I from Subhash house and Harsh Goel of IX – B from Tagore house. Principal Chetan Dalwala and HM Kiran Kataria conveyed their best wishes to all the winners and house in charges.

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