The Solo Dance Competition for the students of Std 1 to 4 was successfully organized at S.D.Jain Modern School Wing-2. The competition aimed to nurture the talent of young dancers and elevate them to certified artists. The event took place on the school premises during school hours, with the students showcasing their skills in Folk dance, Classical dance and Patriotic dance, all of them were performed in accordance with the school environment. The competition was conducted in two days. On 26thJuly, Std 1 and 2 students participated and on 27thJuly 2023, Thursday, it was the turn for Std 3 and 4. The panel of judges comprised renowned personalities from the dance industry, including Mr. Ekant Jog, the owner of Next Step Revolution Dance and Fitness Studio and Mr. Jayesh Patil, the owner of Angel Dance Studio and choreographer of Gujarati films. The judging criteria included evaluating the participants based on Theme & Choreography, Expression, Rhythm & Confidence and the Appeal of the Costume. The event proved to be an incredible platform for the young dancers to showcase their talent and receive recognition for their efforts.
“Mesmerizing performances, graceful moves, and exceptional talent on display.” Chairman Kailash Ji Jain, Principal Chetan Dalwala and Headmistress Dr.Reshma Julka congratulated all the winners and participants for their outstanding achievements and wished success in their endeavours.
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