Seminar on Teaching Methods

Seminar on Teaching Methods for the Teachers of S.D.Jain Modern School On 8th July 2023, a seminar on teaching methods was conducted by School Counsellor Riya Magnani from 9:30 to 10:45 a.m. , at S.D. Jain Modern School. The seminar aimed to equip the teachers with innovative and effective teaching techniques Counsellor Riya Hemnani commenced the seminar by exploring the differences between authoritative and cooperative teaching methods. She emphasized the importance of creating a balance between these approaches, as both have their merits in different situations. The authoritative method focuses on the teacher as the primary source of knowledge and authority in the classroom. On the other hand, the cooperative method promotes student collaboration and active participation, allowing them to construct their own understanding of concepts. Teacher-Centered Approaches: The seminar delved into teacher-centered approaches, where the teacher assumes a more dominant role in the classroom. Ms Riya highlighted that while this approach can be effective in certain scenarios, it should be used sparingly to avoid stifling students creativity and independent thinking. The teachers were encouraged to strike a balance between providing guidance and allowing students to explore and develop their ideas. Think-Write-Pair-Share Method: The Think-Write-Pair-Share (TWPS) method was introduced as an effective strategy to engage students and encourage critical thinking. She explained the four steps involved in this technique: students are given time to think about a question or problem, then
write down their thoughts, pair up with a classmate to discuss their ideas, and finally share their conclusions with the entire class. This method enhances student participation, fosters collaboration, and promotes deeper understanding of the subject matter. Game-Based Learning: The seminar also touched upon the concept of game-based learning. She highlighted the benefits of incorporating games into the classroom as a way to make learning enjoyable and interactive. Games can facilitate the acquisition of new knowledge, reinforce concepts, and develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills. She emphasized the need to align games with the curriculum and learning objectives, ensuring that they serve as effective educational tools. Concluding Thoughts on Student Affirmations: Ms Riya concluded the session by discussing the importance of providing affirmations to the students. She stressed that positive reinforcement and encouragement are vital for building students’ confidence and motivating them to achieve their potential. Teachers were encouraged to acknowledge and celebrate student achievements, both big and small, to foster a supportive and nurturing learning environment. The seminar on teaching methods conducted by her proved to be insightful and informative for the teachers of S.D. Jain Modern School. The discussions on authoritative versus cooperative teaching methods, teacher-centered approaches, the Think-Write-Pair-Share method, game-based learning, and student affirmations provided valuable insights and practical strategies for enhancing teaching practices. The seminar served as a platform for professional development, enabling teachers to adopt innovative techniques that will contribute to the overall growth and success of their students. By implementing these methodologies, the teachers can create engaging learning experiences and empower their students.

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