S.D. Jain Modern School’s 3rd Expression Series: Nurturing Disaster Resilient Citizens

S.D. Jain Modern School hosted the 3rd Expression Series for the academic session 2023-24, aligning with CBSE. The event was held from 1st to 10th December, 2023. It focused on the theme ‘Disaster Risk Resilience & Reduction: Role of Citizen.’ Students from Classes 3 & 4 participated in the Paragraph and Painting categories. The assigned topics were ‘Save water in daily use’ and ‘Rescue and relief of any disaster.’ The children exhibited exceptional creativity, showcasing their understanding of the crucial role citizens play in disaster management. Both the paintings and essays reflected the students’ commitment of raising awareness about disaster risk reduction and fostering a sense of responsibility in their community.
Chairman Kailash Ji Jain, Principal Chetan Dalwala and Headmistress Dr.Reshma Julka lauded the children’s creativity.

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