Robotic Demonstration

The robotics demonstration for kids in S.D. Jain Modern School, Wing-2 was held on 20.04.2023 with the aim of introducing the children to the fascinating world of robotics. The event was organized by Krunal Ratiwala and was attended by students from Std.1st to 4th in the school activity hall for half an hour. The demonstration involved showcasing different types of robots as per the age group and their applications in various fields. The event was intended to inspire and encourage the children's interest in robotics.

The event began with a brief introduction to robotics and its significance in various industries. The children were then explained types of robots such as Sensory Robot and even Basic concept of Motor Movements and Basic Concepts of Electronic. The demonstrations were carried out by expert in the field, who explained the working and applications of each robot.

The resource person explained how these robots could be used in healthcare and hospitality industries without human intervention. The children were also given an opportunity to interact and ask their queries to the expert. They were encouraged to think about the different applications of robotics and how they could contribute to the field in the future.

The children were engaged and inspired by the demonstrations, which helped to stimulate their interest in the field. The event also highlighted the importance of robotics in various industries and how it could shape the future. It is hoped that the event will encourage more children to pursue a career in robotics and contribute to the field's growth and development

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