World Road Safety Week is a global initiative that aims to raise awareness about road safety and promote measures to reduce road accidents. World Road Safety Week was celebrated in S.D. Jain Modern School Wing-2 The school organized a week-long road safety awareness campaign, involving students from Grade 1 to 4 Posters, skits, banners, and informative displays were created and placed strategically throughout the school premises to grab attention and convey key road safety messages. Students actively participated in creating these displays, showcasing their creativity while spreading awareness, under the mentorship of their teachers. Different activities were organized to educate students about the importance of road safety. Practical demonstrations were organized to illustrate safe road behaviors. A mock road intersection was set up within the school premises for giving hands-on experience in understanding traffic signals, crossing roads safely, and demonstrating proper road etiquette. The celebration of World Road Safety Week from 12th June, 2023 to 17th June, 2023 at school was a resounding success. Below are the captured pics.
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