Pets Day Celebration

“On December 9, 2023, S. D. Jain Modern School, Wing-2 celebrated Pets Day as a captivating teaching-learning activity for second-grade kids. The event showcased various pets, including a Golden Retriever and a Pug, representing dogs, a Persian Cat as a feline ambassador and a colourful bird in the green corner. Additionally, Tortoises were featured, adding excitement to the event. The kids enthusiastically engaged with these animals, fostering a fun and educational experience that enhanced their understanding of different pets. The celebration was a resounding, leaving lasting impression on the young learners.

Chairman Kailash Ji Jain, Principal Chetan Dalwala, Headmistresses Dr.Reshma Julka and Mona Mehta commended the dedicated efforts of the educators in orchestrating a delightful and enriching celebration of Pets Day, fostering a joyful learning environment.


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