Oxford University Press Workshop: Advancing Knowledge and Learning

Oxford University Press India organized a workshop on the effective implementation of the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2023 for Mathematics at S.D.Jain Modern School, U.M. Road, on December 15, 2023.
Renowned resource person Ms. Aashalata Badami led the workshop, focusing on Mathematics in Foundational and Preparatory stages. The event commenced with a warm welcome from the school’s Principal, Mr. Chetan Dalwala, who expressed gratitude to the resource person and their team. Numerous schools were invited to participate in the workshop and avail its benefits.
The workshop began with the customary lighting of lamps, symbolizing the pursuit of knowledge. Oxford University Press, as a department of the University of Oxford, aims to contribute to excellence in research, scholarship, and education globally.
In addition, the workshop encompassed the incorporation of diverse teaching techniques for mathematics, including the experiential learning of mathematical concepts through tangible objects. The collaborative approach involved engaging activities and games, fostering an enjoyable environment for learning mathematics. The participants found the session both entertaining and intellectually stimulating.
The event concluded with a delectable lunch at 2 p.m., fostering networking and informal discussions among participants. Chairman Kailash Ji Jain, Principal Chetan Dalwala, Headmaster Kiran Kataria, Headmistress Dr.Reshma Julka expressed their appreciation for the efforts of Aashalata Badami and her team, acknowledging the valuable insights shared during the workshop.

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