One Act Play Competition

S D Jain Modern School hosted an exhilarating One-Act Play Competition on 11 August, 2023 in the school’s A C Hall. The event saw the participation of eight enthusiastic and talented teams who showcased their dramatic prowess.
Event Highlights:
The competition was a showcase of diverse themes, emotions, and storytelling techniques. Each participant brought a unique perspective to their performance, capturing the attention of the audience and judges alike. The plays ranged from thought-provoking dramas to light-hearted comedies, creating a captivating atmosphere throughout the event.
1st Place: Tagore House – Aazadi ka sangram
2nd Place: Ashoka House – Bhagat Singh
3rd Place: Subhash House – Ekta ka Praman
3rd Place: Shivaji House – Aazadi ki Jung
The plays were evaluated by a panel of experienced judges, comprising Mrs. Dipti Desai, Mrs. Anshumala Dubey and Mr. Mahesh Tailor. The expertise and insights of Principal Sir Mr Chetan Dalwala and Head Master Mr Kiran Kataria added a valuable layer to the competition, and their constructive feedback was greatly appreciated by the participants. Audience Engagement: The audience’s enthusiasm and engagement played a significant role in enhancing the overall experience of the competition. Cheers, laughter, and applause resonated throughout the venue as the participants delivered their performances, fostering an encouraging atmosphere.
The school administration, teachers, participants, judges, and the audience all contributed to the success of the event. Their combined efforts ensured that the One-Act Play Competition was a memorable and inspiring occasion.
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