No Bag Day

On the third Saturday of July 2023, the students of S.D. Jain Modern School Wing-2, ranging from Grades 1 to 4, enthusiastically celebrated their much-awaited “No Bag Day” as per the new guidelines of NEP. The day was filled with various engaging activities and enjoyable moments for the young learners.

The first and second graders participated in a lively drawing session, where their creative skills were put to the test. They expressed their imagination and artistic abilities, showcasing a wide range of colourful and vibrant artwork in their scrapbook. Following the drawing activity, the students were treated to a captivating dance performance, where they joyfully swayed and moved to the rhythm of energetic music.

Meanwhile, the Grade-4 students, having completed their test, relished the opportunity to unwind and relax. They had the pleasure of watching an animated movie titled “The Magician’s Elephant,” adapted from Kate DiCamillo’s beloved book. The film conveyed heartfelt and inspiring messages, promoting strong moral values and encouraging the belief that things deemed impossible can become possible with determination and perseverance.

To culminate the day’s celebrations, all the students enthusiastically participated in a lively dance session expressing their happiness through movement and rhythm.

“No Bag Day” at S.D. Jain Modern School, Wing-2 was undoubtedly a resounding success, filled with fun, creativity, and meaningful experiences. The day was a testament to the school’s commitment to provide a well-rounded education and creating a vibrant and joyful learning environment.

Attached are a few pictures capturing the memorable moments of the day, showcasing the students’ enthusiasm, creativity, and sheer joy.

Chairman Kailash Ji Jain , Principal Chetan Dalwala and Headmistress Dr. Reshma Julka showered their blessings and wished the students all the best for their future endeavours.
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