Celebrations bring people together, keeping the culture and tradition alive in a society irrespective of religion and region. Certainly, it was time for S. D. Jain family to relish the festive season.

The programme started with the Aaarti of Maa Durga, where all the staff participated to experience this devine moment. Later after having 'prasad' they danced on the tune of traditional garba to show their gratitude to Maa Durga also the goddess Saraswati too. Teachers beautifully attired in colourful costumes apt for the folk dance gracefully danced on the tunes played and rejoiced the glories of Garba. The celebration was on the auspicious day of the first Navratri i.e. on 26th September 2022, Monday from 8.30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

The essence of the festivity was truly felt and celebrated by all in the true spirit of oneness rejuvenating one and all.

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