Interhouse Aerobic Competition

Aerobics is an interesting sport that is highly enjoyed and recommended for students to make them physically active in a playful way. Fit kids stay motivated, focused, confident and successful while learning various skills at every level.

An Inter house Aerobics Competition was organized in S.D Jain Modern School for students of classes V to VIII.

The participants displayed remarkable confidence and excellent determination. Chairman Kailash Ji Jain, Principal Mr Chetan Dalwala and Headmistress  Mrs Amita Singh congratulated all the winners and participants for their outstanding achievements and wished success in their endeavours.

The result for the competition was:

Interhouse Aerobics (V & VI) Name Class House
1 Krisha Natali VI-B Ashoka
2 Heeya Dankhara VI-D Shivaji
3 Devshree Bhatt VI-I Subhash

Interhouse Aerobics (VII & VIII)

Sr No. Name Class House
1 Nilkanth Vaghasiya VIII-D Shivaji
2 Maahi Gandhi VII-F Subhash
3 Arya Tarpara VIII-J Ashoka
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