Independence Day Celebration

The illustrious S.D.Jain Modern School echoed with exuberant patriotism as the institution fervently celebrated the 77th Independence Day. The grand event unfolded with an eloquent welcome address delivered by the esteemed Deepshikha ma’am. A symphony of youthful voices resonated in prayer, a heartfelt offering from the cherubic children. The stage ignited with fervor as young hearts danced in rhythmic cadence to patriotic melodies, and melodious voices intertwined to narrate tales of valor and freedom. The headmistress, the graceful Dr. Reshma Julka, graced the occasion with her insightful reflections. In an awe-inspiring display of unity, children swayed to the beats of “Mera juta hai Japani,” encapsulating the spirit of unity in diversity. The event culminated in a harmonious rendition of the National Anthem, a soul-stirring reminder of the nation’s strength. The jubilation continued with a delectable spread, and radiant smiles reflected the joyous celebration that united young hearts in the name of liberty. Truly, S.D.Jain Modern School etched another resplendent chapter in its history, commemorating the nation’s 77th year of independence.

Chairman Kailash Ji Jain, Principal Chetan Dalwala, Headmistress Dr. Reshma Julka and Mrs. Mona Mehta extended their heartfelt blessings and well wishes to the students on the occasion of the 77th Independence Day, encouraging and supporting them in their future endeavors.

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