Graphotherapy Session : Transforming Handwriting and Lives

A Graphotherapy session was held at S.D. Jain Modern School from October 25 to 31, 2023, with the aim of highlighting the significance of handwriting. Graphotherapy, a therapeutic approach, employs handwriting exercises to instigate positive transformations in behaviour, emotions, and overall well-being, potentially boosting a student’s performance.
Dr. Jayesh Jariwala, a seasoned Graphotherapist, led the sessions. The students were equipped with writing boards, 200-pages four-line notebooks, and triangular pencils to posses proper grip. The before-and-after results were notably impressive, showcasing tangible enhancements.
Chairman Kailash Ji Jain, Principal Chetan Dalwala along with the heads of all the wings, lauded the session for its potential to bring remarkable improvements in the students handwriting of S.D.Jain Modern School. This graphotherapy session underlined the integral connection between handwriting and personal development, reinforcing the idea that our thoughts and emotions are intricately reflected in our handwriting.

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