Earth Balance Sheet

On Tuesday, 19th February 2023, our own sdjain student, Ms Sneha Poddar (Surat topper 2010), she toured the campus to have engaging interaction with students.
She started with her learning experience with the school and shared her nostalgia to be on campus once again. She is currently working on the
One Earth Balancesheet and working with the University of Glasgow on the research work of the same. She is also working as a professor at Sonam Vanchuk school at Laddhak and teaching social entrepreneurship. She spoke to students regarding actual economics, where it’s not about maximisation but about sustainability and more.
She told students to ask yourself before consuming anything one question,
Do I need this? The world is in great danger, and the only ones who can save are humans.
She also
spoke not to follow wealth but aspirations, and when you do that, finances will automatically be managed. She told economics means house hold management and remember that the whole world is a house (home) and that management is about keeping accounts of its assets (resources) and checking on liabilities (wants). It was an inspirational and thought-provoking session/interaction. Principal Mr. Chetan Dalwala gave his wishes, and HM Kiran Kataria spoke some essential takeaways with the students.

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