Ad Mad Show

S.D.Jain Modern School Wing-2 recently organized an AD MAD Competition for Grade 3 and 4 students, aiming to nurture their creativity in marketing products and services. The event, held within the school premises during regular hours, saw enthusiastic participation. Students showcased their extraordinary skills and imagination in crafting engaging advertisements. The competition spanned over two days, with Grade 3 participating on August 23rd, 2023 (Wednesday) and Grade 4 on August 24th 2023 (Thursday). Participants presented ads that ranged from addressing social issues to promoting their own products and even popular cartoon channels. The event extended to promoting events through anchoring. Judging was based on several criteria including creativity, originality, confidence, expressions, as well as costumes and props used in their presentations. This provided a well-rounded evaluation of the students’ efforts. The AD MAD Competition not only encouraged creative thinking but also helped in developing presentation and communication skills among the you

Chairman Kailash Ji Jain, Principal Chetan Dalwala, and Headmistress Dr. Reshma Julka commended the children for their outstanding performance in the ad mad show.

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