Tilak Ceremony

Blessing students before exams holds cultural and psychological significance. It’s often seen as a gesture of support, encouragement, and positive energy. Blessings can help alleviate stress, boost confidence, and create a sense of well-being, contributing to a more positive mindset for students facing exams. Additionally, such rituals foster a supportive educational environment, emphasizing that success is not just about individual effort but is also supported by the collective encouragement of teachers and peers. Tilak ceremony was held on 16/01/24 for Class 10 students, Principal Mr. Chetan Dalwala and Headmaster Mr. Kiran Kataria, along with class teachers and subject teachers, blessed
the students by applying tilak on their foreheads, giving motivational speeches and providing guidance for the upcoming board examinations.
Chocolates and class photos were distributed followed by refreshment to the students, making this day a memorable one in their lives. Students were feeling blessed and inspired.

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