Mathematics Day Celebration 2022-23

To commorate the birth anniversary of the great Mathematician Srinivas Ramanujan,Mathematics Day was celebrated in S.D. Jain Modern school on 29th December. In the morning , special assembly was conducted for classes 9 to 12.In the assembly many students have taken part enthusiastically and presented various informations about S.Ramanujam, and about applications of Mathematics in life.Students demonstrated various quick calculations tricks.Which made the students very happy. Also students participated in quiz with zeal. The program was started by the Principal Mr. Chetan Dalwala by lightning the lamp. The head of the Mathematics Department gave a speech about ' How to Get Good Marks in Mathematics ' by giving an interesting formula "DO IT" and encouraged the students to be Determine, Organized, Implement and Tricks and Techniques. Also various competitions were were held in order to increase students in the subject and to bring out their creativity. Large number of Students of class 9 to 12 took part in Slogan writing competition and wrote very creativity slogans for importance of Mathematics. Many students made creative posters on the theme "Use Of Mathematics In Daily Life" and "Importance Of Mathematics " So many students write beautiful poems on the topics " I love Mathematics " and " Why Mathematics " The head master M Kiran Kataria Sir gave a speech relevant to the occasion and appreciated students and teachers and said that the activities planned for Monday were informative, engaging exploring and made the Mathematics Day celebration a fruitful experience.
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