Field Trip to Sarthana Nature Park and Zoo

A zoo is a place where the environment finds real care and nurture. One can observe nature and animals at their best.

On 6th , 8th & 18th October 2022 the kids of Std.5 ,  Std.4 & Std.3 of S.D.Jain Wing-2 were taken for the field trip from 9.00 a.m. to 12.45 p.m. at Sarthana Nature's Park and Zoo, Surat. In the lap of nature where the kids could explore many animals and trees while creating awareness towards our environment. Children were excited watching live animals like antelopes, black bucks, Crocodiles, Ghariyal, bears, hyenas, lions, and leopards. A variety of birds like Ostrich, Emus, Peacocks, and parrots were in the zoo. Children observed and realized the importance of conservation, and learnt that animals too have feelings and emotions. They were also made aware of the threat of their extinction due to environmental changes. It was an amazing educational trip enjoyed by one and all.

Below are the captured glimpses of the trip.

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