Embracing Radiance: Class XII

Unites in Positive Affirmations Poster Competition

A wave of creativity and optimism swept through as Class XII students who eagerly participated in Poster Making Competition with the theme Positive Affirmations. With brushes in hand and minds brimming with positivity, they embarked on a journey to visually articulate their thoughts and aspirations, all in the spirit of fostering a brighter and more uplifting school environment.

them. All students of Class XII enthusiastically participated in the competition, demonstrating their eagerness to engage with the theme of positive affirmations. Their active involvement and dedication were evident throughout the event, reflecting their commitment to promoting a positive atmosphere within the school community. The competition was gracefully judged by Principal, Mr. Chetan Dalwala, and the Headmaster, Mr. Kiran Kataria. Both exemplify the embodiment of creating a positive environment and served as role models for the students.

After careful consideration and evaluation, the following students were recognized for their exceptional creativity and expression: First Position: Eiya Pareek (Class XII-E)

Second Position: Angel Patel (Class XII-I)

Third Position: Vidhi Dangra (Class XII-B) and Avdhi Sancheti (Class XII-B)

Their posters not only displayed artistic finesse but also conveyed powerful messages of optimism and encouragement, inspiring all who viewed them.

Poster Making Competition for Class XII was a testament to the creativity, talent, and positivity inherent within the student body. By encouraging students to express themselves through art and affirmations, the competition successfully instilled a sense of optimism and empowerment, fostering a culture of positivity within the school community.

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