EARTH DAY 2022-23

22nd April is celebrated as World Earth Day to create awareness about the challenges the planet is facing while reminding us to sensitize ourself towards planet EARTH and also to thank nature for all its bounties. Keeping in view the theme of the year Invest In Our Planet An activity was conducted in S.D.Jain Wing-2 on 22nd April 2022 in the school during school hours by the students to show their inherited talent to celebrate this special day. Children poured all their Creativity in the Activity with beautifully painted drawings related to the World Earth day in the scrapbook and also expressed their views by writing few sentences/ slogans/ quotes on Earth Day. Std 3 & Std 4 students used crayons ,pencil colours and Sketch Pens as per their choice for depicting their creativity. Std V students used colours of their choice. Below are the captured pics of their Art.
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